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What is the Zurkhaneh?

"Zurkhaneh" translates to "House of Strength" and was/is a place of training for Persian wrestlers involved in "varzesh-e pahlavāni" or "heroic sport". 

Coming from Iranian descent, I've always been drawn to the idea of The House Of Strength and it's practices. However, Zurkhanehs are traditionally, strictly male dominated, but since I have no religious ties and train a good majority of women my take on the Zurkhaneh is slightly different.

For me, the Zurkhaneh is a place for everyone. It is a place for training, for discipline, for bonding, for bringing out the best in you. 

Because I am so passionate about building the Zurkhaneh I am constantly investing in new equipment including:

  • 2 Heavy duty power cages, complete with mono-lift attachments, safety slings, web catchers and cable attachments.

  • 11+ different types of bars, including Safety Squat Bars, Power Bars, MacDonald Bench Bars, Cambered Squat Bars, Axle Bars, Swiss Bars and more.

  • Loadable Kettlebells.

  • Deadlift platform, sissy Squat, Reverse Hyper and Glute-Ham Raise.

  • Adjustable benches, dumbbells, bands and enough plates for any strength level.

  • Husafell stone, weighted vests, sandbags, farmers carry handles, kegs and sleds.

The Zurkhaneh: Welcome
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