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New Toys, New Training!

Carrying on from my previous post about the new gym I have to say I bloody love this place. The simple ability to run, jump, throw and move around the gym is definitely what almost every gym in Bolton is lacking. If anyone is in the area I’d highly recommend checking out Kept Fit. Now with these newly acquired abilities I will ascend to new heights and finally become the legendary super Saiyan……..

Narcissistic ranting aside, being at an open floored gym has given me the opportunity to concentrate on areas of fitness that I’ve always wanted to but never could due to space or lack thereof. My training from now on will revolve around general athleticism, Strongman and accessorizing with some Powerfliting (all my benching is still paused and the squat and deadlift are heavily trained in strongman). While I’m not actively pursuing Bodybuilding or aesthetics and opting more for performance I will be using accessory movements to hone and develop my physique, plus Strongmen are absolute beasts, I’d definitely take savage strength over chiseled abs any day because sadly I’m not lucky enough to have been blessed with the glorious genetics of Mariusz Pudzianowski and the like.

So another great thing about this gym is that they allow you to store your own stuff there meaning me and a friend were free to bring along some basic Strongman implements.

strongman equipment

The small axle, farmers handles and swiss/log hybrid bar are mine, the big log and the fatter axle are a friends. I bought mine fairly cheap from the guys over at Cheshire Strongman Supplies and I’ll probably do a review on each piece soon, but to summarize they’re all great pieces of kit for an absolute bargain price and I’ll definitely be buying other items (cambered bar, trap bar, yoke etc) from these guys again.

Now, time to ascend…



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