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How I Rehabbed My Back!

So carrying on from my first post I wanted to talk about how exactly  I rehabbed my back. Initially I started reading various pain management and rehab books ranging from yoga guides to inversion therapy to more in depth works such as those by Stuart McGill (highly recommended). I then set about planning and performing exercises that kept my spine completely straight, these mainly involved plank type movements and progressed to “stir the pots”. Once I’d regained the ability to move without debilitating pain I incorporated various basic yoga poses into my rehab routine and eventually moved on to more advanced exercises, those of which I feel helped me the most are as follows:

Ab-Wheel rollouts 

In my opinion one of the best anterior core exercises going and also one of the few commercially advertised pieces of fitness equipment that works. The rollout is an example of an anti extension exercises, which means you oppose lumbar extension The trick here is to maintain a neutral spine and to maintain squeezed glutes throughout.

Pallof Presses

A most likely unheard of exercise, the Pallof press is an anti rotation movement that basically trains the abdominals in the most logical manner. The variation I show below is but one of many, different variations can be used to make the exercise more challenging.

One legged romanian deadlifts

Probably my favorite from the list, this exercise takes a lot of pressure and shear stress off the lower back while still strengthening the posterior chain, making it the “safest” deadlift variation in my opinion. I still use this form of deadlift to date, but now I mainly use it for glute activation and for hamstring and hip flexor stretching.

Kettlebell swings 

I didn’t immediately jump into doing these, rather I started doing them when I was relatively pain free in order to practice hip hinging before deadlifting.

Once I felt more or less able to progress I then moved on to doing Front squats and Sumo deadlifts as they were the closest variations to the squat and deadlift I could of with slightly more favorable torso angles. After performing these exercises I was eventually able to do pain free back squats and deadlifts, which I have continued to do so to this day.



author: Louis Whenlock

Hi I’m Louis, a passionate freelance Personal Trainer on a mission to cut through the BS and gimmicks of the fitness world and deliver honest, hard earned results to my clients.

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