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My First Strongman Competition

So on the 7th August I entered my first strongman competition and ended up coming 3rd. I think there was only a few points between 2nd and 3rd so I’m gutted I missed out on that but I know I made a few silly mistakes and I’m gonna chalk that up to nerves. To be honest, I definitely could’ve prepared for this better but in the few weeks before I was going through a rough break up, hardly eating, sleeping or training right. So now I’ve got my excuses out the way here are the events:

1. Frame carry 200kg for 20m: I could do this in the gym all day, but when it got to doing it at the comp I totally messed up. I set my grip slightly off so as soon as I moved the frame tipped forward. I reset and got going but that had just put me off so I was trying to make up time and ended up tripping near the finish line. Overall a shoddy performance.

2. Log clean and press for reps (70kg): To be honest until a day or two before the comp I thought this was just pressing for reps (as in one clean) so trained mainly for that. However it didn’t seem to be an issue, I was hoping for 10 reps and ended up just missing out on the 10th. I came second in this, the guy who won was an absolute powerhouse who dominated the competition so I was quite happy with this.

3. Arm over arm car pull: worst event for me, never trained it so I really didn’t know my technique. Got it moving then slipped off the tyre. Don’t know what position I came but I know I didn’t do well.

4. Yoke carry for 20m (200kg): I trained this once and at first it felt horrible so I was dreading this event but on the day of the comp it felt great. Definitely wasn’t the quickest so I need to work on my speed but all in all I was happy with this.

5. Car deadlift: now it was my time to shine. I trained this once months before the competition and seemed to be pretty good at it, leverages and all. Aimed for 20 reps and I think I got 23 so was beyond happy. Came 2nd in this as the absolute tank who won the competition smashed me with 26 reps (I think). Tore a couple calluses on both hands though so they were pissing blood after. Luckily it was the last event. Overall the competition could’ve gone a lot better if I hadn’t had shit going on but in the end it was just all fun and games. I know my weaknesses and what I’ve got to work on now and every single competitor gave it their all and did phenomenally. Everyone from 1st to last place should be proud of themselves for getting up there and killing it! Now for me to up my game and come back harder and stronger!

Lift Strong and Conquer! The Time is Now!



author: Louis Whenlock

Hi I’m Louis, a passionate freelance Personal Trainer on a mission to cut through the BS and gimmicks of the fitness world and deliver honest, hard earned results to my clients.