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Current Training Goals for 2016

So far this year’s going great in terms of me reaching my goals. I’m currently following my own program which revolves heavily around a weekly undulating rep scheme, but also incorporates linear periodization and since I’m changing my assistance work slightly every week I guess it’s also a conjugate system, so basically it’s everything (see here for an explanation on periodization).

Below I’ll be listing my current goals for 2016 and the progress I’ve made towards them, I’m pretty pleased with how my lifts are looking so far with the only exception being my deadlift not progressing as quickly as I’d like:

LL goals

I should note that all these lifts are beltless and that’s for two reasons:

  1. Initially I wanted to train beltless in order to potentially limit the absolute maximum weight I could use in case my lower back injury flared up again (see Fear is the Weakness) but also just to see how far I could progress beltless.
  2. This reason wasn’t planned but I actually got too fat for my belt so by default I had to go beltless. So I either need to lose some blubber or buy a bigger belt. The first option’s probably more sensible.

You’ll also see that some of the lifts are “theoretical” meaning I’ve calculated these potential maxes based off about 3 online calculators, took the average then deducted about 5kg because I don’t think they’re overly accurate (especially when using high reps). Now I’m under no impression that I’ve achieved these theoretical lifts until I actually perform them, but based off everything else I’m pretty confident I could perform every lift I’ve listed.

Almost all of my squatting is done with the safety squat bar (because I’m in Love With the Safety Squat Bar) with my assistance squatting being primarily front squats, however I’ve recently back squatted 180kg for 5 beltless following an AMRAP set with 175kg on the safety squat, so I think the carryover from the safety squat speaks for itself.

With the one arm lifts it seems I’m a lot stronger with my right arm so all the lifts are based on my left arm. With the dumbbell clean and press I actually feel more comfortable cleaning every rep and getting into position that way rather than pressing the weight and lowering it back down to my shoulder so I think I could’ve got around 8-10 with the 50kg.

You can also see that I’m a terrible bench presser, always have been but hopefully won’t always be.

I’ve not actually attempted anything with the zercher squats but to be honest I reckon I could hit 140kg for a single. The overall cardiovascular health became a necessity during the first week of my first cycle where I attempted a measly 85kg safety squat for 20 reps and thought I was going to die. So I do some form of LISS cardio every day and usually some loaded carry every workout, which seems to be helping. I’ve also become a bit of a fatty recently due to becoming content in a relationship then going through a harsh break up from said relationship. Stay tuned for my next article; “Excuses 101”.

The 50 rep squat goal is relatively new and something I stumbled upon whilst reading some of Dan Johns work. Essentially you load up a barbell with your bodyweight (I’m roughly 90kg give or take a few kg) and squat it for 50 consecutive reps without racking the bar. I’ll most likely be doing this with the safety squat bar due to reasons I mentioned in the article I wrote about it, and I most likely won’t be attempting this often (maybe every 4-8 weeks).

So there you have it, my goals for 2016. Obviously I aim to hit them all, but as long as I continually progress (and don’t regress), even if I don’t hit those exact numbers I’ll be happy.


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author: Louis Whenlock

Hi I’m Louis, a passionate freelance Personal Trainer on a mission to cut through the BS and gimmicks of the fitness world and deliver honest, hard earned results to my clients.

Lift Strong and Conquer!
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