The Anti Cardio Movement

Ah cardio, one of the most disputed training modalities in the health and fitness world. With questions such as “Is it necessary for fat loss?” or “Will I lose all my gains?” plaguing internet forums it’s probably no wonder why cardiovascular training is so misunderstoo...


Cleanses, custom diets and magic pills

  It seems like I can’t go a day without seeing some advert or post about someone offering the newest detox/cleanse or some magic pill that’s “proven” to do all sorts of wonderful things to your body and help torch that belly fat or tone up. Please excuse me while I seet...


Stupid Shit I Hear

I’ll (no doubt) be constantly updating this post to share with you some absolute rubbish that I’ve heard over the years and continue to hear. I’ll be listing things here such as myths that plague the fitness world, daft lifting and piss poor lifting and fitness advice that I’...


Why Doing Slow Reps is Counterproductive

So I was in the gym the other day and a friend of mine was bench pressing using a super slow tempo, I asked him why he was doing this (I already knew the answer) and his reply basically entailed that he wanted to keep constant tension on the muscles in order to “work” them more. *facepal...

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