Strength In Every Rep Range

  In this article, I’m going to be covering a few misconceptions when it comes to “strength” training and in doing so I’ll also be providing some evidence alongside my own personal recommendations as to why most people should train with a variety of rep ranges. So first,...


Steroid Stigma

Right then, time to dabble in some controversy. Now before I start I need to say that I neither condone nor condemn the use of anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS). It seems a lot of people have very strong opinions about steroids, most of which having no background in any kind of science or biologica...


The Anti Cardio Movement

Ah cardio, one of the most disputed training modalities in the health and fitness world. With questions such as “Is it necessary for fat loss?” or “Will I lose all my gains?” plaguing internet forums it’s probably no wonder why cardiovascular training is so misunderstoo...


A Tour of the Gyms Part 1

A Little Recap So as some of you might know (or not know) I operate out of two independent Strength & Conditioning gyms. Now I’ve been lucky enough to get to know the coaches of these gyms pretty well and I feel beyond privileged to be given the opportunity to use them as a base for all my...

Lift Strong and Conquer!
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