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What is Logical Lifting?

The primary purpose of this blog is to educate and share my views and insights in regards to health and fitness, with its secondary purpose being to act as a base for clients and potential clients to reach out and contact me and see what I’m all about. I want to do this in a way in which everyone can understand so I try and make all my articles come across as easily digestible as possible.

So, what is Logical Lifting and what the hell is the Zurkhaneh?

Logical Lifting is exactly what it says, lifting (training) with thought and purpose, logically. Sadly, we live in an age where the fitness industry is massively over saturated with conflicting and terrible advice, where supplement companies and shills use deceptive marketing to entice the unaware, where looks and appearance are prided over knowledge and expertise and where everyone is an elitist. The fitness industry and all that it encompasses is a minefield where credible information is buried away behind masses of garbage, where any fool who’s never stepped foot in a gym can do an online certification and become a personal trainer in as little as a few weeks and where everyone is trying to reinvent the wheel. It seems unless an exercise is a bit quirky or “new” then it is deemed useless and if a diet doesn’t involve kale or the latest “health shake” then it can’t possibly work.

Logical Lifting is my way of pushing through all the fluff and filler to deliver evidence based, educated and anecdotal experiences to ensure you as the reader don’t have to make all the same mistakes I did when I started training. You see I want my clients to be thinkers, to ask questions, to ask why and learn from our experiences together. As a trainer I don’t want drones, I want to provide my clients with enough information and competence they need so that once our time is over they feel confident enough to continue their journey alone.

So the biggest question I want to ask you, and for you to ask me is why?

Why do you need an arm day?
Why are you doing “X” exercise?
What benefit does “Y” provide?
Why are you doing 5 different shrug variations?
Do you have a plan? Is “organic” another word for “expensive”?
What is a superfood?
Is there such a thing?
I could go on and on, the main point I’m trying to stress is that here at Logical Lifting we plan, educate, instruct and develop and we continually strive to learn so that we can make you the strongest, the fittest and the best version of yourself both physically and mentally.

Lift Strong and Conquer. The Time is Now!

Lift Strong and Conquer!
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