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AKA "The House Of Strength"

Feast your eyes, my good people, for I bring great news and bear the gift of gains!

Gone are your days of feebleness and behind you are the perils of being weak! 

Together, we shall vanquish mediocrity and inferiority, and we shall break free from the dogmatic chains of training that plagues us. 

Let me guide you to becoming a relentless, unceasingly intense, unstoppable force! 

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Been training with Louis for around 5 years now and in that time I've seen both my strength and confidence skyrocket. He's an experienced and passionate Coach who makes training fun no matter what your goal is. Whether you're a complete starter or experienced lifter, Louis has curated a welcoming and fun space to train and I genuinely look forward to

Emma McCann

I originally joined Logical Lifting when I moved to the area as he was highly recommended to me. I went in for an initial assessment and I've been with him around 2 years now and haven't looked back. He has helped me adapt training through various injuries and a pandemic and still manages to increase my lifts beyond expectations. If you want to improve your training I would highly recommend.

Luke Cutler

I've been training with Louis for around 5 years and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to others. Logical Lifting/The Zurk is a great gym with lots of equipment you don't typically see at commercial gyms and Louis is an extremely knowledgeable trainer whether you want advice on training, exercise, diet, form or muscle composition he'll likely have an answer. At Logical Lifting you'll get a program specific to your individual needs and have a great time achieving your goals. Best decision I ever made, just wish I'd found him sooner!

Claire Hughes


I've been with Lou for just over 2 years now and I couldn't praise him highly enough. He's a knowledgeable coach and an overall top guy.

Danny Loudon

Training at Logical Lifting has been life changing for me. Louis's passion is contagious and his knowledge is outstanding His principles focus around training hard but smart with little room for ego. The small group setting with others of different abilities makes training fun and encourages you to put in 100%. My plan has always been tailored towards my goals and I have gotten stronger, gained muscle and lost body fat! I can't wait to see further changes to my body over the years!

Amanda Magari

Training with Coach Lou is one of the best decisions I have ever made. His knowledge, experience and attitude to training is second to none. I've trained with Lou for the past 3 years and through the sessions I've seen my fitness, stamina and strength increase dramatically. Lou is passionate about doing things right and never hesitates to let me know if something's wrong and how to rectify it. If you want to increase your fitness, strength and stamina in a friendly environment with a dedicated coach then I'd highly recommend Lou!

Jason Hunt


I can't recommend Coach Lou enough! If you're looking to train in a close knit gym with like minded and supportive people and a fantastic S&C Coach who is experienced and professional then the Zurk is the place!

Becky Whittle

I've trained with Lou for over four years now and what started as a reluctant drive to get into better shape has now become a genuine passion. From someone who'd never stepped foot into a gym, Coach Lou encouraged, taught and shaped me into entering competitive strongman events. 

At the Zurkhaneh, you'll find more knowledge and more specialised equipment than any commercial gym. A relaxed, approachable atmosphere from both the coach and other members will make you feel right at home, and any reservations you might have as a beginner will soon disappear. 

Sam Cummins

Just fantastic! Training is second to none and clearly tailored to individual requirements. The thing that sets Louis apart is the level of communication he gives. He's always on hand to answer any questions and give you plenty of encouragement along the way. You get honesty and banter and I would highly recommend to anyone! Cheers, Louis!

Simone Taylor


Undoubtedly the very best!

Michelle Pearce

Lou has coached me online for several years now. He has always been very flexible and catered the plans around my busy work schedule and travel plans.

Niall Ainscow

Lou is a super knowledgeable and kind guy who creates a fun and safe environment to train. 
He goes above and beyond for all his clients and motivates you to be the best version of yourself.
If you want a great place to train without commercial gym energy then the Zurkhaneh is the place to be.

Rachel Whittle


There is a lot to say and thank Lou for and I hope I do him justice in this brief review; My dude is incomparable when it comes to S&C training and the Zurk is much more than the "House of Strength", its an environment created by Lou of no judgement, simplicity and no nonsense mixed with laughter, togetherness and friendship. 
There is never anything done without reasoning and never a question left unanswered. Lou is that guy who will make you achieve your goals, no matter the scale or scope and I can honestly say I've gained so much more than my original intentions when getting in touch with Lou. If you're serious about training, holla at your boy, Coach Lou.

Nick Stone

Been coached by Lou for a couple of years now. All I've seen in that time is sick gains! 
Would highly recommend Lou!

Matt Cooper

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for what you do. This is probably the best investment I’ve made for myself in a long time. I now have more energy and confidence and I can see the changes taking place. Thank you

Cathy Ainscow


Training with Louis has built up my confidence and made me more aware of the different exercises I can do to focus on specific muscles. I feel a lot stronger and healthier now!

Danielle Wrigley

I've been working with Lou for a couple of years, have improved strength, endurance and my physique in that time. Currently on track for a big 180kg bench. Louis' methods work well and I'd recommend him to anyone.

Harry Coltraro

I've been training with Lou for a few years now and cannot recommend him highly enough!

Matt Wrigley

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